Web Presence Management

Your businesses web presence isn’t just your website, it’s much much more.

Have you claimed your business in Google Business, or how about a specific industry vertical that all of your competitors are in, but you’ve neglected to take the time to list your business in. Your business website should be at the center of all of your communications, but if you’re going to be successful online, you should be tapping into every possible source of traffic and leads – and subsequently sending them to your website.

You should also have a firm idea of who controls what aspect of your entire web presence. Is a part-time employee listed as the Registrant contact for the root domain that controls your entire business website and email system? If so, then it might be wise to know that, and make the appropriate changes to protect your digital infrastructure.

We help business identify weaknesses in their web infrastructure and provide actionable advice on how to strengthen their internal policies to ensure that an oversight doesn’t cause irreparable damage to their businesses online reputation and operations.

Common Tasks

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions
  • Advanced DNS Setups

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