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WordPress Security Tip: Use Automatic Updates to Keep Plugins Secure

This tip might seem too simplistic to effectively combat security threats, yet the vast majority of malware infections I’ve come across are due to outdated WordPress plugins. Hackers are constantly on the prowl, scanning WordPress installations for vulnerabilities—not just within WordPress itself but in the myriad of plugins you’ve installed. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to keep all your plugins up-to-date, shielding you from even the most basic hacker attacks.

To leverage this straightforward tip, head over to your WordPress admin panel. From there, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section and click on ‘Installed Plugins.’ You’ll be presented with a list of all the plugins you have installed on your site. Now, look for the ‘Enable auto-updates’ link beside each plugin. Clicking this enables automatic updates for that plugin, ensuring it updates automatically whenever a new version is released.

However, there’s a catch—especially if your site runs many plugins or if some of them are of poor quality. Automatic updates can occasionally disrupt site functionality. The ideal scenario involves manually updating plugins one by one and then verifying that everything still functions correctly. But this can be incredibly time-consuming, and most business owners simply don’t have the bandwidth for such tasks.

The alternative—choosing not to update plugins at all or only updating them when it’s convenient (which tends to be infrequently)—transforms your WordPress site into a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, some hacker will exploit your outdated defenses, leading to your website being defaced, used for phishing scams against your customers, or other dire consequences.

If the thought of constantly monitoring and updating your WordPress plugins is a headache you’d rather avoid, why not let us take care of it for you? We specialize in this sort of thing. Should we manage your site and a plugin update goes awry, we’ll rectify it at no extra charge. That’s right—we’ll tackle these stressful and time-consuming tasks behind the scenes, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

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